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You wake up/octopus

An interactive, immersive journey where you collaboratively play a newly conscious octopus on a quest to find your missing XXXXX.




You adventure through co-created otherworldly landscapes, whether at the center of the earth //or// deep in outer space //or// other. You collectively create, play, explore and overcome obstacles, with improvised and layered sound and music responsive to your choices and/or creations.

‘You wake up / octopus’ is a surreal, joyful and moving exploration of chosen self, transformation, shared storytelling and collaborative empathy.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-24 at 19.57.35.jpeg

‘You wake up / octopus’ is the first Mushmoss production to take place within The Memory Tree — an interactive, audience-driven, continuously-evolving installation, with live changes informing each performance. 

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