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You wake up/octopus

An interactive, immersive journey where you collaboratively play a newly conscious octopus on a quest to find your missing XXXXX.




You adventure through co-created otherworldly landscapes, whether at the center of the earth //or// deep in outer space //or// other. You collectively create, play, explore and overcome obstacles, with improvised and layered sound and music responsive to your choices and/or creations.

‘You wake up / octopus’ is a surreal, joyful and moving exploration of chosen self, transformation, shared storytelling and collaborative empathy.

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• Developed with and for Secondary Schools in Greater London and SE England

• 2023 performances include The Space, Isle of Dogs and SHIFT+SPACE Program, Theatre Deli, London

• Previously presented at SPRINT Festival, Camden People’s Theatre in 2022


‘You wake up/octopus’ is the first piece to take place within The Memory Tree.


The Memory Tree is a queered, continuously-evolving archive and lo-fi, eclectic installation. With player responses and co-creation feeding back into future performances. 


“There was no way to do it wrong, anything you did was valid

“I think it brought me back to childhood and allowed me to reconnect with my inner child

“If you want to do an escape room but you have anxiety, just come do this

“You let your imagination go wild, you make the show”

"It's a really magical show"

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