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Mushmoss Collective creates multi-disciplinary, interactive theatre between composition, text, play and immersion, collaborating on imagined worlds to consider our connectedness.


Consisting of Ariella Como Stoian, Zygmund de Somogyi and Susie MacDonald, they are a non-binary, queer and neurodiverse collective, with an extended circle of collaborators.


We think through frameworks of experimental composition, LARP, speculative fiction, eco-feminsim, non-human kinship, queer archiving, gender studies, game design, installation, lighting worlds and other weird and wonderful resonances.

Mushmoss Collective

Image: heart/fabric image (credit: Photography by Lidia Crisafulli)

Image description: Silhouettes of two people crouching and holding hands, encased in blue fabric, backlit by mottled blue, purple and red lighting. They are the only things lit on an otherwise dark stage. 

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