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HIVE is a queer, cross-generational, sci-fi play exploring family, shared memory and the meaning of home.


Uncanny adventure. A demolition site. Using lyrical language to explore lost homes, new storms and eldritch infestations. Reluctant Megacorp conservationist and single mum Ria (she/her) has been called in to sort a hive. It's halting work, messing up the bottom line. Plus it’s the worst possible timing because Ria's teenage kid Salve (they/them) was just suspended for unrepentant thievery. But cagey site manager Craig (he/him) hints at something more... unusual.

More sinister. 


Presented by Mushmoss Collective 

Produced by Speakerphone Productions


Written by Ariella Como Stoian 

Directed by Susie MacDonald

Associate Composer Zygmund de Somogyi


  • Long Listed for the BBC Writersroom Popcorn Writing Award 2023

  • Assembly Roxy, Downstairs, partial run: 2-15 August 2023

  • 4* The Scotsman, 4* Theatre Weekly, 4* Mervyn Stutter Pick of the Fringe, OffFest Nominee - New Writing 

  • The Glitch, A Pinch Of Vault festival, June 2023

  • Commissioned by The Space, original dir. Adam Hemming


‘The script veers between snappy dialogue and luminous poetry’ The Scotsman

‘A tapestry of queer joy is expertly crafted into the story’ Binge Fringe

‘A stunningly fantastical world...West End worthy’ West End Best Friend

‘hauntingly beautiful music creates an ominous tone throughout, pulsating with urgency and alarm." Theatre Weekly

‘beautifully directed by Susie MacDonald, keeps its audience on their toes in this almost psychological drama." Theatre Weekly 

‘under Susie MacDonald’s direction, Doyle and Millwood carefully tease out the complexities of a parent-child relationship marked by grief’  The Scotsman


‘gorgeous, unearthly compositions’ The Scotsman


Image: Hive hero image (Credit: Graphic Design Lily McStocker)

Image Description: The colourful silhouettes of two people - one slightly taller than the other - standing next to each other, facing forward with a dark purple background. The silhouettes are made from a collage of eldritch insects in different colours, reds and oranges in the centre of the figures, and blues and purples on their edges.


Photography by Olivia Morrisson

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